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Rome Township, PA

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The Township of Rome is located just northeast of the County’s central region. It is bound to the east by Orwell Township, to the south by Wysox Township, to the west by Sheshequin Township, to the northwest by Litchfield Township, and to the northeast by Windham Township. 


There are several creeks that flow through the Township some of them include: Dry Run, Johnson Creek, Wysox Creek, and Hollow Run. The Township can be accessed by Route 187 traveling east and south, Route 467 along the south and southeast, and by Rome Road traveling west and south.

The Township of Rome was organized in 1830, and created from Sheshequin Township, Orwell Township, and Wysox Township. The Susquehanna Company laid out the Township’s boundaries. The Township was originally named Watertown, and its present name comes from the “Eternal City”, Rome, Italy because they are in the same latitude. Peasly Moody was the Township’s first permanent settler in 1795. In 1803, Frederick Eiklor taught the first school in a log cabin. One year later, Godfrey Vought built the first framed house. According to census records, in 1887, the population of the Township was 1,045.